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What is kinesiology?

    Kinesiology uses science-based methods and assessments to improve your performance. 

    Kinesiologists work in sport, work, or everyday environments to help prevent or rehabilitate injuries. Kinesiologists are often the practitioners who oversee active rehab programs.

    The goal of kinesiology is to get you moving with less pain, improved strength, and improved motion. You can learn better ways to move by retraining your mind, body, and nervous system. This prevents the progression of injuries and helps current aches and pains lessen.

    Working with a kinesiologist also helps you prevent or manage chronic diseases through physical activity. We help you resume or maintain your active lifestyle – no matter if that means walking around the block, or skiing Whistler. Kinesio can improve your physical and athletic abilities.

    Kinesiology is often the missing link between injury rehabilitation and carefree participation in sports or activities. Kinesio services help you gain strength, move more freely, understand your body’s progress, and transition from a rehabilitation mindset into community-based fitness and unrestricted activity.

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    Is kinesiology only for athletes?

    Kinesiologists do work with athletes, but we also work with people with a wide variety of physical abilities and fitness levels.

    We can help high-level athletes, weekend warriors, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions who want to maximize their function and participation in life. Kinesiologists have the ability and education to work with all clients.

    We help you move better – and live better.