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Do more than survive the day-to-day – get your life back with counselling services in Kamloops.

Does this sound like you or a loved one?

  • Do you feel like you’re in a fog and life is just passing you by?
  • Is there a weight on your shoulders that you just can’t shake?
  • Does everyone else seem to have a perfect life – and you’re wondering if you’re just broken?

You’re not alone.

These struggles are common and we can help you live the life you want to be living. Others don’t “have it all figured out” as it seems on the internet. Taking the first step is the hardest part, and you’ve already done that by being here. Book an appointment for your next step to building the life you want with counselling services in Kamloops.

Counselling can benefit a wide variety of people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, or struggling to overcome trauma.

SMART Rehab counsellors specialize in the following areas:


Counselling Services in Kamloops

When you’re overwhelmed, the thought of adding one more thing to your list can feel daunting. SMART Rehab counselling provides flexible, virtual appointments for your convenience. Virtual appointments are available to anyone in BC.

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Call: (833) 294-5849

It’s time to reconnect with the best parts of yourself and forge a life of meaning – you’re worth it.

“Imperfections are not inadequacies, they are reminders that we're all in this together.” – Brene Brown