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Companion Care

Who is Companion Care For?

Companion Care in Kamloops and Beyond

Companion Care is for seniors who are generally healthy and who need a little extra support, physically and or socially. Although companion care focuses on seniors in their own homes, it can also be provided to those in nursing homes and assisted senior living facilities.

Companion Care is Primarily Emotional Support

Older adults living independently often experience loneliness and isolation, and companions engage in conversation, take walks with their care recipients, play games like card games or board games, read a book, and simply provide a listening ear and someone to talk to.
Our caregivers truly care about the seniors we serve. They get to know them, build friendly relationships, and keep their company. More importantly, they learn about their hobbies and support them in reliving things they used to enjoy but can no longer do. Activities can include the arts, golf, swimming, gardening, cooking, shopping, and visits to famous sightseeing areas. 

Our companionship care services include assistance with:

If you chose to age at home, companionship and social interaction are crucial to stay healthy. Having a companion around can make all the difference in seniors’ lives.

Do you have a loved one that needs some support at home? Let our qualified and experienced caregivers help!

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