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How do I know if counselling is right for me?

    Do you feel uncertain about counselling? It's ok - many people do at first.

    Maybe you’ve read books or listened to podcasts that give good ideas but you haven’t been able to implement them. Counselling isn’t the same as general self-help advice. We work with you and your individual life situations and struggles. Your story and background are unique – your journey to wellness should be specific to you too.

    Through collaboration and consistency, we forge a path forward. We move you toward living in a way that is purposeful, values-driven, and sustainable.

    Counseling is for you if:

    • You’re feeling anxious, low, or struggling to sleep.
    • You miss the person you used to be before life got so difficult.
    • You’re concerned about returning to work after an injury or maternity leave.
    • Your brain feels foggy and it’s hard to make decisions.
    • You’re overwhelmed by recent life changes and responsibilities.
    • Life’s not what you anticipated and you’re not sure how to cope.

    It's not just you, and other people don't "have it all together" like social media wants you to believe.

    Your struggles are common, and there are proven methods to help you get out of this rut and back to the life you love.

    The missing piece is a guide – your counsellor will help you through the process by:

    1. Giving you space to explore your concerns.

    2. Supporting you to address and cope with these concerns.

    3. Working with you to create a life that fits your goals.

    Together we follow curiosity and create a life you want to live, which is as unique as you are.