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Counselling For Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion

    Counselling is a crucial piece in your holistic journey to recovering from an illness or injury.

    People experience brain trauma for many different reasons – car accidents, work injuries, or illness to name a few. It’s imperative to help your brain heal so you can live your best life without the struggles, frustrations, and exhaustion that brain trauma creates.

    You may be feeling sluggish, distractible, overwhelmed, confused, or just have headaches and want to sleep all the time. These are all signs that your brain isn’t functioning at its best.

    The first step is the hardest, but when you see the improvements you’ll know it was worth the initial effort. Schedule an appointment today and take a step toward wellness.

    You can make improvements and live the life you want.

    Counselling helps you regain your cognitive skills and confidence so you can get back into life and succeed. We understand how difficult life can be after a mild brain injury or concussion. We also know you’re strong and can overcome this challenge with help.

    Through collaboration and consistency, we forge a path forward. We move you toward living in a way that is purposeful, values-driven, and sustainable.